Designer. Introvert. He wants to jump into the world; he desires to make a difference. He knows that to make a difference that he needs to engage with people, but people scare him. Thus, he is a mass of contradictions.

Comics: 66
Recent Appearance: Run! Now!
First Appearance: All Great Ideas are Mine


A hacker extraordinaire with visionary overtones. He is driven, serious, and thinks so hard that he regularly runs into walls. He wants to be hard but is soft to the core.

Comics: 49
Recent Appearance: I already fear my email
First Appearance: Okay, I'm in character. Start when you're ready


He wants to be a visionary. He yearns to be a start-up founder, but is a closet philosopher. He meditates, eats organic, and would dearly love to be a social entrepreneur, if he only he could choose a cause. He is one giant internal conflict.

Comics: 42
Recent Appearance: But we don’t have a business yet
First Appearance: A Novice Attempt - to enter the entrepreneur space


Waif. She is a secret hacker. In another time she would have been a flower child. Dot lives in the question, spins easily, follows shiny things. In another life she was balloon with no string, a butterfly with no direction.

Comics: 37
Recent Appearance: How does it feel to have your will subverted?
First Appearance: It's been days since you did your best thinking


Hustler. She lives to control. She burns to be known and admired as the best. She’d step on her grandmother if it furthered her cause. Liz aspires to the lofty heights of venture capitalist and does not care how she gets there.

Comics: 32
Recent Appearance: Run! Now!
First Appearance: All Great Ideas are Mine


A little bit of a misnomer. He should really be the not-how or the anti-how. Just do the opposite of what he says and you'll be fine. He loves being the top dog, but wants none of the responsibility. When he’s not giving bad advice, he’s hiding in the doughnut shop.

Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: Nowhere will still be there when you get there
First Appearance: It is the role of the expert to destroy other's ideas


Venture capitalist. Surly, jaded and smells of feathers and cologne. He loves power and is free with his advice. He loves his privilege and acts accordingly. He is sometimes surprised to find he is capable of deep thinking and hates it when he finds himself caring about anything.

Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: Pop the tires of the competition
First Appearance: As long as I get most of the profit and all of the credit


He is aptly named. A divot is lump of grass and Divot is a lump. He is sod but doesn't know it. If he was on a golf course (which he is frequently), there is no turf left after he passes. Not exactly scorched earth. Let’s just say nothing he touches grows.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Now get out there and lead
First Appearance: I can't accelerate without donuts


Goo (noun) 1. Something sticky. 2. Excess emotion. Glop. Gunk. Slime. He needs admiration. He thrives on approval from others. Inadvertent success has fed his insecurity; he’s certain he’s a fraud and works hard to hide it. Get near him and you can feel the slippery slime. He sticks to you.

Comics: 11
Recent Appearance: Now get out there and lead
First Appearance: The proud sign of your acceleration expertise


A kid. He is too young for baggage so he says what he thinks. Emperors everywhere fear him because he regularly says what no one else is willing to say. He sees what all others pretend is not there.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Perhaps a different mindset is required
First Appearance: We'll need a bigger budget

Gooey Divot and Howe

They finance and run an accelerator. Like all one trick ponies, they bumbled into the right door and made a lot of money. Consequently, they assume they know all there is to know about business, start-ups and making money. They hit the lotto and have confused their financial success with knowledge, money with morality, and data with wisdom. What they don’t know is staggering.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Yes. But would you draw a happy face next to the grade
First Appearance: No wonder the economy is tanking


Angel investor. He knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Enough said.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: You might want to hire a food tester
First Appearance: The angels are the non-believers

George and Lenny

Cowboy Marketers. They’ll rope, tie and brand you. They are a full service marketing agency.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: How does it feel to have your will subverted?
First Appearance: Maybe Better Placement


He is the snake oil salesman to end all snake oil salesmen.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Dude! Did you take my snow globe again?
First Appearance: Venture in a bottle