I love language and pay attention to the phrases that we use to describe our work and our lives. The way we talk about ourselves is not passive. We story our experiences. I particularly love the myriad ways in which we pretend that we have no control over what we do or how we do it.  Our relationship with time is particularly ripe with notions of impotence. We race against time. We never have enough time. We lose time. While we’re racing, lacking or losing, time keeps moving – steady and unaware. We made the concept. We define how we work with it. Not the other way around…

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↓ Transcript
Dot: Why so blue?

Fl!p: All of my life, I've been racing against the clock! I'm in a competition with something that runs in circles and never changes pace.

Dot: Brutal. No one told you that time is all made up.